Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beetroot salad with portabello and early potatoes

Simple, fresh and red! Swedes are waiting impatiently for the first harvest of potatoes every year. The first kilo of Swedish potato is sold for a ridiculous amount of money. So, if you can, serve this salad with some nice early potatoes and think about the crazy Swedes.

Beetroot Salad
Beetroots, boiled and warmish
Cherry tomatoes
Fresh oregano
Sherry vinegar
Olive oil
Sea salt

Boil beetroots until soft. Cut in cubes and add the rest of the ingredients.

Early potatoes

Boil potatoes until almost done. Add haricots (fresh, frozen won´t do...) for about 1 min. Drain. Add butter and salt.

Gratinated Portabello

Clean the portabello. Spread pesto inside and put mozzarella on top. Gratinate in oven at 250°C for about 15 minutes until the cheese turns golden brown. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Green Lentil Burgers

This is probably the easiest way to make vegetarian burgers, just mix the ingredients and bake in the oven. The burgers become crispy and it is easy to vary the seasoning. This time I used oregano and herbal salt and served the burgers with tomato, mozzarella and apples flavored with licorice.

3-4 dl Boiled green lentils
1/2 dl Bread crumbs
1 tbsp Potato flour
1 egg
1 tsp Herbal salt
1-2 tbsp Fresh or dried oregano

Mix all the ingredients. Grease an oven tray with some oil. Form burgers on the tray. Bake the burgers in 250°C in about 20 minutes, until the surface is crunchy. Preferably served on sourdough bread.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Halloumi Pesto

This is the first post of this blog that will contain all those recipes I otherwise would forget. In that sense it will be my memory, and since I only would like to remember the good stuff and the special recipes, I will only post the ones that are tasty and that fulfill the requirement of originality (at least to some extent). I hope you will enjoy the blog! 


Halloumi cheese
Sunflower seeds
Olive oil

Mix halloumi cheese and basil with a hand blender. Roast the sunflower seeds in a dry frying pan, no oil or butter needed. Use an old pan since this treatment is not very merciful to the pan. Add olive oil and sunflower seeds to the mix (do not use the hand blender). Add salt to taste. The halloumi cheese is pretty salty so just a pinch is enough.

Perfect to serve with a waffle!